The Advantages of Steam Carpet Cleaning

There are many different methods of carpet cleaning methods, which include shampooing, dry carpet cleaning, foam carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning. While each method works in different ways, steam cleaning is one of the preferred, most efficient ways to make your carpeting feel, smell, and look like new. Thanks to steam carpet cleaning’s innovative methods which utilize high-powered cleaners and hot water extraction, this method gets the job done unlike any other.

At Accuclean, our Tacoma carpet cleaners are trained and experienced when it comes to residential jobs, using our state-of-the-art steam carpet cleaning technology. Don’t believe us? Check out these benefits:


  • Offers a deeper clean. This method of residential carpet cleaning offers a deeper cleaning of the carpet fibers. This is important since harmful contaminants, like bacteria, allergens, parasites, viruses, germs are also eliminated in the process. Steam cleaning is also best for stain removal.
  • Environment-friendly. This is an eco-friendly carpet cleaning method as it does not use any harsh chemicals. Natural, non-toxic cleaning agents can be used since highly heated, pressurized water does not require stronger but harmful solutions.
  • Leaves less residue. Dry cleaning methods make use of shampoo, powder and other solutions that can leave behind a large amount of residue. Sometimes, the strong smell of chemicals does not go away after the carpet is dry. When done by professional carpet cleaners, steam carpet cleaning leaves your carpet free of residue.
  • Manufacturer preferred. Steam carpet cleaning is widely recommended by carpet manufacturers and industry cleaning experts because it is more effective and safer than other cleaning methods

Steam carpet cleaning is highly advantageous because it thoroughly cleans the carpet, eliminating excessive dirt, soil, and contaminants from the carpet. If you are interested in steam cleaning your carpets, contact Accuclean! We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, contact us today to schedule a consultation.